Python Examples: Extract Data With BeautifulSoup

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In order to develop Web Scarper, BeautifulSoup is a useful module to extract data.

BeautifulSoup is easy to use. The code is not hard to understand.

Today, I will show you the examples about how to use BeautifulSoup to extract images.



Example 1: Extract one element.


You can use the mouse Right-Click to inspect element that you can find the image URL.

BeautifulSoup extract image


You might think the URL is not complete. So what should you do?

It is simple.

Why short_url[6:]? If you can not understand the meaning, you can view my last article.

Hope this is helpful to you: Python Slice: Start, Stop and Step


Example 2: Extract more than one element.



Target Analysis

BeautifulSoup image Object Analysis


Why use “try & except”

Both of Videos and Images are inside the <div class=”post-content”>, so when I use “item.img” to extract all images, the program cannot fin the <img> in Video post-content. It will occurred the NoneType error. In order to continue the program, I use the “try & except” to solve that error.




More BeautifulSoup examples


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